Habitats that affect this species are constrained by the tide level and the absence of disturbance, particularly human.

  • A wetland with a Suaeda heteroptera formation (redbeach)
  • A natural protective screen
  • Having an ecological link (continuity) with the sea and other natural site
  • 430 ha of a protected area

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The Saunder’s gull is a high protected specie. The project plans the creation of a special area for breeding saunders’ gulls. Their water environment need more salt-freshwater displacement gestion.

 (1) The project consists firstly in isolation from external disturbances (visual pollution from the road, noise pollution from vehicles or operating tractors in neighbor fields). The insulation is made by the following means:

  • Realization of a continuous network of ditch around the site to prevent poaching and wildlife to pass (dogs and cats particularly)
  • Planting a visuel barrier of reeds that will not be cut (100 meter away from the protected area )
  • Install retarders and speed control panels
  • Install awareness signs in a protected area

(2) Composed by  Suaeda community (Suaeda heteroptera Kitagawa) ,the red beach is the essential breeding habitat for the Saunder’s gull.  And it closely depends to the circulation of salty and freshwater . The project aims to create a efficient hydraulic control system to insure the breeding habitat for the Saunder’s gull.

  • The establishment of water diversion system and the Saunder’s gull breeding space.
  • The installtion of valves to control the water level.

(3) The Saunder’s gull need be isolated to reproduce, so  the project will build several specific plateaus to reponse their need.

The different plateau are separated by gullys and ditchs, and serounding by no-cut reed area. The width of the new ditch is 5m.