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In order to favour biodiversity, the agro-ecological experimental zone will have the following characteristics:

-  Presence of different ages of reed (1 to > 5 years) (82 % of total area);

-  Differentiated water management of the reed beds in winter;

-  Presence of different water levels in spring: shallow (10-30 cm), medium (30-50 cm), deep (50 cm – 80 cm);

-  Presence of open waters (1-3 m of depth) all year (17 % of total area);

-  Presence of a mosaic of different natural habitats (different native plant communities, spawning areas, artificial perches);

-  Presence of islands (1 % of total area);

-  Maximized length of reed bed edges;

-  Minimized partition by channels and sluices because they can break ecological continuities and disturb the ecosystem functioning;

-  Connection between habitats: connections between water bodies and connections between water bodies and reed beds (no dike but gentle slope).

Pools of open water will be created and will be connected together, in order to allow the circulation of aquatic species in the whole area. Special attention will be required to create gentle slopes between the pools and the reed beds, in order to restore the natural continuity between these two habitats and to allow the circulation of nutrients, organic matter, water and species between these habitats.


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