03 08 01 context heron


This area has been proposed for these arguments :

  • In the core area,
  • Free from regular human activities (oil industry, public road, etc..)
  • Linked to wider reed beds
  • Hydrologically independent, easy to isolate or having a split water management
  • Enough close by touristic areas and future developments
  • Already on ecological transect, studied in the Lot 1
 03 08 02 context heron

The herons and cranes zone stretch over 1230 hectares north of the study area. This is an experimental area to combine management of reeds for agriculture and biodiversity conservation for developing tourism.

Plan principle are as follow:

  • Open permanent water bodies to recreate the bank’s ecosystem, create reservoirs for fish and other aquatic species during the water level variations related to agricultural activity
  • Provide birds uncut reed beds spaces and free and protected areas
  • Create habitats and wildlife refuges as islands or spawning