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This fishers’ village is the subject of new construction program.The program includes a lot of hotel,an Pedagogical center that features the ecological diversity of Panjin and the development of eco-tourism in the region. The Panjin Wetland pedagogical center project put acent on the identification and conservation of the natural and cultural patrimony of the Panjin estuary. It seeks to develop several amenities including a tourist visitor center, eco guided tours and office spaces, pathways, and observation towers that harmonize with the existing landscape. The project is predominately made out of wood and inspired by local traditional architecture.

Panjin Wetland pedagogical center  is designed to strengthen the cultural identity of Panjin estuary. Panjing estuary is marked by nomade culture of Liao dynasty. The building is a contemporary design that pays tribute to the rich architectural heritage of the region. The circular form of Panjin Wetland pedagogical center  is based on ancient yurt architecture. The round shape of the yurt and the proposed facades are a reinterpretation of the technique used to create the inner lattice of the nomadic structure. Wood and ecological materials have been selected for the construction of the Pedagogical center.

The project also allow to evoke two concerns in today’s China: ecological crisis and cultural crisis.

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